Every Now and Then, Everyone Turns Into a Party Animal. Which One Are You?

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Being the life of the party is rarely a bad thing. In fact, every so often, each of us will transform into a real party animal. Imagine you and your friends as awesome citizens of the animal kingdom. A Golden Retriever would make an awesome party guest. They show up on time, help you clean up and they’re always looking their best. But a Skunk? Well…

Which one of these animals will you be at the next party? 

1.) The Golden Retriever

They are the perfect guest. The Golden Retriever is a loyal friend that brings the best food, they stay to help you clean up and if you encounter any crisis, the Golden Retriever is there to help.

2.) The Cheetah

The cheetah is always on the go-go-go! They show up early, party hard and never stop to take a breath. WHEW. Calm down, cheetah!

3.) The Aye-Aye

The aye-aye drank 5 Red Bulls before showing up and refuses to go home until 5am. A sunrise won’t stop the aye-aye from dancing!

4.) The Skunk

Your skunk friend may mean well, but always end up being a little stinker. Maybe they brought too many Jell-O shots or brought an awful playlist. Either way, their ideas stink!

5.) The Opossum

Oh, the poor opossum. Their friend dragged them to the party but, 5 minutes in, they realize they don’t want to be there. So, they play dead for the next 3 hours.

6.) The Sloth

The sloth is going so slowly, they may even be going backwards. At 11pm, you’ll realize the sloth never showed and they’re probably still putting on their pants.

7.) The Snow Monkey

Is the snow monkey’s face naturally this red? Or are they just that hangry? Someone promised the snow monkey food an hour ago…and they want to eat. This friend won’t be themselves until they get a little grub.

8.) The Penguin

Ick…the penguin showed up overdressed again! You told your penguin friend this wouldn’t be a black tie event. But, there they are. Severely overdressed.

9.) The Chipmunk

Although the chipmunk can be a great guest, at one point you’ll realize all of your chips disappeared…and this little muncher is to blame.

Being a party animal is great, but don’t let yourself be an animal at a party. You may not be able to tame your friends’ quirks, but you can get a better handle on them by using Scout for your next meet up.